Brand Workshops

When was the last time your company took a fresh perspective on the way you communicate with the world? I mean really questioned the same-old approach? Which has worked for decades, undeniably, but has now begun to show severe signs of wear and tear.

When was the last time you set aside time for your team to secure a leading edge perspective of what's really going on with social media, sensory branding, NeuroMarketing, ethics, fact all the stuff which never made its way into the marketing text books, old or new?

Martin is probably the only one in the world with his very own R&D budget – spending millions of dollars every year on research helping to understand the relationship between consumers and brands. He was, in fact, the first in the world to take a deep dive (like Marianas Trench deep) into Sensory Branding with a $4 million study that focused entirely on our senses. His $7 million pioneering NeuroMarketing project conducted for Buyology was another world first. And more recently, Martin invested $3 million into a word-of-mouth research project in order to understand generation next of social media.

Check out some of Martin's latest award winning workshops and keynote speeches. Chances are your view on how to communicate to your consumers and build your brand will change...forever.

Find out about Martin's consulting case studies here.

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