Posted on February 24, 2016 | By Eiler Pedersen

3 Ways Small Data Can Uncover Big Trends

A murder scene would be worth little without modern scientific detection techniques. A strand of hair containing the culprit’s DNA, a fingerprint unique to the villain—these can lead the police right to the murderer.

But did you know that we leave behind tiny emotional DNAs, too?

The way we place our shoes, organize our fridge, hang our paintings, or even use our toilet paper are all seemingly insignificant observations, which I call Small Data, that have the potential to reveal an astounding glimpse into who we really are, our true personalities, our needs and desires and hopes. On an individual level, Small Data can reveal if you’re extroverted and self-confident, if you’re shy about your lack of education, or if you have conflicts with your partner. They’ve also proven capable of determining your true age.

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