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Want to put an end to red tape, bureaucracy and corporate BS?

Done! Because The Ministry of Common Sense is more than pages of hysterical office silliness and call centres gone rogue. It’s a rally cry to remove the blindfold. It’s a re-engaging of our empathetic voice. It’s an urgent reminder to re-humanize.

Vision. Solution. Restoration. And a lot of fun along the way.

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    1. How to create a powerful brand
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    1. How to transform a struggling organization
    2. How to drive traffic to your business and generate sales
    3. How to implement commonsense in your organization
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It’s not a new job you need.
It’s new motivation.

Here’s a snapshot of what Martin will coach:


How to create a powerful brand

What makes a powerful brand? Would your brand be recognizable without its logo? Is there one word that can be used to define your brand?

In this live online workshop, Lindstrom will reveal:

  • How to encapsulate your brand into just one word, how to identify it, and truly “own it”!
  • How to make your brand so powerful that it can still be recognized even after removing your logo.
  • What brand building will look like in the future.
  • Neuroscience insights about consumer behaviour and the impact on your future offline and online brand strategies.
  • How to create true brand loyalty, both offline and online.


How to create an amazing
corporate culture

Lindstrom will take you behind the scenes into some of the world’s largest organizations and their daily challenges as they rediscover, build, and maintain powerful cultures.

He will discuss personal case studies where culture saved the day!


  • What it takes to create a powerful culture
  • How to reverse poor staff morale, and attract top talent.
  • How to infuse hope in the organization, boost morale, and improve productivity.


How to transform a struggling

Lindstrom has been instrumental in taking some of the top companies in the world from zero to hero. From Lego, to Swiss Post to Lowes Foods, in almost every industry — retail, postal services, shipping, banking, food, beverage, pharma, automobile, fashion — Lindstrom and his team have guided brands to transform themselves.


  • To break the rules of conventional thinking to discover unusual methods that have worked across every segment.
  • How to reinfuse hope into an organization that has lost its entrepreneurial spirit.
  • How to action keep great conceptual thinking before i’s brought down by politics, bureaucracy and compliance.
  • How to hit financial goals without compromising on the big ideas.


How to drive traffic to your business
and generate sales

If you knew everything about tomorrow, what would you do differently today?

Lindstrom predicted the arrival of Facebook two years ahead of time, described Google’s revenue model two years before the search engine revealed it, and pioneered the role of brands on the Internet just months after the www went live in 1994. In this coaching he will reveal what should your company do in order to create a future-proof brand and social strategy?


  • To explore underlying technologies that drive trends.
  • What organizations need to do in order to stay relevant.
  • The concrete steps your organization should take in order to strengthen your connection with tomorrow’s consumer.


How to implement Common Sense
in your organization

On a mission to defeat bureaucracy, the Lindstrom team has rebuilt the purpose of many Fortune 100 organizations, reinvigorated and empowered the staff, and, most importantly, systematically removed the red tape that was killing entrepreneurship and productivity.


  • How to control corporate overwhelm that stems from endless emails, reports, data, statistics, and PowerPoint presentations.
  • The step-by-step roadmap to transform a bureaucratic organization into a powerful culture.
  • The classic pitfalls and misunderstandings that jeopardize 9 out of 10 culture projects — and how to systematically avoid them.

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Success Stories

The Lindstrom Company has been instrumental in building belief and empowerment, helping to turn around our culture to fuel a change in an old-fashioned industry.

- Maersk

As a business and culture transformation expert, Martin doesn’t just chop off branches and leaves. He goes deep inside organizations to target the roots of inefficiency, impracticality and general bone- headedness. In this very funny, entertaining, informative book.

- Marshall Goldsmith, American Leadership Coach


Who are these webinars for?

These live Webinars are for anybody. Whether you’re a leader, coach, manager, C-suite, frustrated staff member, or college student, you’ll benefit from Lindstrom’s expertise and solutions.

Will I get to to ask Martin questions?

These Webinars are live, which means you will get to ask Martin questions directly. Note, we are anticipating a full session at every Webinar, so answers from Martin will be time dependent.

How long is each Webinar?

Each live Webinar will be one hour long with and will consist of a talk, and Q & A.

What platform will these Webinars run on?

The Webinars will run on the Zoom platform.

I’m not technical - what do I need to do to get the Webinar platform?

To use the Zoom platform you simply need to follow these instructions. Go to and from the Download Center, click on the Download button under “Zoom Client For Meetings”. It is a free and simple, 2 minute set up process.

How will I know what time and date each Webinar will run?

After you pre-order you will receive an email with the dates and times for your Webinar. You will also receive reminder emails.

I'm not sure I will be available for the Webinar. Will there be a replay?

Yes, we will send out Webinar replays for those who cannot make the time / date. Even if you did attend the Webinar, the replay is yours to keep for life.

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