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Learn the Methods of leadership from some of the best CEOs, executive coaches, thought leaders and business thinkers on the planet.

Methods is a lifelong resource based on the vast body of knowledge compiled from the world’s foremost business thinkers with new content every month.

Learn the Methods of leadership from some of the best CEOs, executive coaches, thought leaders and business thinkers on the planet.

Methods delivers accessible and practical leadership guidance for continuous improvement from the very best of Marshall Goldsmith and his 100 Coaches. Learn through immersive and interactive online courses, actionable bite-sized insight segments, and a comprehensive collection of straight-forward business advice.

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How come every Zoom call lasts exactly 1 hour no matter how mundane the call is? And why did all the toilet-breaks disappear as Zoom became everyday work life in our bedrooms?

Why has a simple action like buying office equipment turned into a 6-people-committee decision followed by a 5-level approval process?

When a 264 page PPT deck kicks off with “Welcome to the Christmas Party Planning Meeting”… it’s time to call the Ministry of Common Sense – to put an end to it once and for all! It’s time to get rid of the wasted time red tape, to remove the silly rules and recover common sense to serve our customers better.

Laser-beam insightful, side-splittingly funny and packed with solutions, The Ministry Of Common Sense will show you how to transform your company. When you’ve stopped crying with laughter, that is….

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The Ministry of Common Sense


As a business and culture transformation expert, Martin doesn’t just chop off branches and leaves.He goes deep inside organizations to target the roots of inefficiency, impracticality, and general boneheadedness.

Marshall Goldsmith, America’s #1 Leadership Coach

THE MINISTRY OF COMMON SENSE forces us all to take a hard look in the mirror if we want to take our businesses to the next level to win big – and do so by simply eliminating needless layers of corporate BRIGHT RED tape. Thanks for this book, Martin because you have saved me from senseless meetings!

Tyra Banks, Supermodel turned Super Businesswoman

With wit and humor, Lindstrom argues that lack of empathy and blind acceptance of politics, technology, rules and regulations can strip us – and entire companies – of good judgment, damaging employee experience, culture, and customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a straight line to customer loyalty and financial success, check out The Ministry of Common Sense. It’s a brilliant reminder that bringing humanity back to business just makes sense.

Liz Wiseman, New York Times bestselling author of Multipliers and Rookie Smarts

A must-read for anyone wishing to introduce more common sense practices and greater empathy in their workplace.”

Keith Ferrazzi, Founder and Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight