The Ministry Of Common Sense

When the thought bubble in your head lights up with WTF! When you need a chiropractor from over-shaking your head. When the redness on your cheeks has nothing to do with the sun.

That’s when you’ve once again experienced another ridiculous bureaucratic rule and regulation in the workplace.

Learn the steps to skyrocket innovation, customer retention, and transform your business, with this eye-opening book by Times New York Bestselling author, and brand and culture transformation expert, Martin Lindstrom.

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Insights From A Business Transformation Expert

For many years Martin Lindstrom was a global branding consultant. But as he traveled across continents, from one top company to another, he detected a recurring pattern: a breakdown in common sense that paralyzed their culture, wrecked employee morale and hobbled business performance. He began implementing a program he called Ministry of Commonsense. The results were astonishing.

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    (Pay attention or you’ll get lost.) Level 1 refers to tellers, Level 2 describes more senior customer service representatives, and up it goes from there. Any manual payments made to clients require a Level 4 employee – someone senior – to sign off. To get to level 4 means you first have to go through levels 2 and 3. Approvals are not permitted to jump levels.

    Because each level requires a different stage of processing, which takes time, payment is inevitably always delayed. Delays result in penalties. Which require payment. But…penalties can only be signed off by <you guessed it>…a Level 4 employee! (Having first journeyed through Levels 2 and 3). All this in order to save cost and minimize penalties. Causing even more delays, and more penalties.

    A stranglehold on common sense costs companies millions. Sounds crazy but it’s true.

  • An international corporation requires every employee to book their trips online via an internal travel portal.

    The portal offers the price of the trip, which then must be approved by a supervisor who is often based in another country with a time zone difference between 8 and 11 hours.

    By the time the approval is granted, the portal has reset the price, requiring the would-be traveler to seek a new approval.

  • Today the same companies that called on Lindstrom’s expertise in brand building retain him to identify and fix their lapses in common sense.

    Restoring common sense always cuts costs, boosts employee engagement, and increases customer retention.

    In this book, Lindstrom presents his step-by-step process for identifying and repairing lapses in common sense and shows how (and why) you, too, can establish an ongoing Ministry of Common Sense in your workplace.

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About Martin

Martin Lindstrom is the founder and chairman of Lindstrom Company, the world’s leading brand & culture transformation group, operating across five continents and more than 30 countries. TIME Magazine has named Lindstrom one of the “World’s 100 Most Influential People,” and for three years running, Thinkers50, the world’s premier ranking of business icons, has selected Lindstrom to be among the world’s top 50 business thinkers. Among the companies he advises are Burger King, Lowes, Godiva, Boar’s Head, Beverly Hills Hotels, Pepsi, Hertz and Google. Lindstrom is a high-profile speaker and author of 7 New York Times best-selling books that have been translated into 60 languages. The Wall-Street Journal acclaimed his book Brand Sense as “one of the five best marketing books ever published,” Small Data “revolutionary” and TIME called Buyology “a breakthrough in branding.”

Lindstrom is featured regularly in almost every major publication in the U.S. and worldwide. He has also appeared more than twenty times on NBC’s TODAY show as well as in Morgan Spurlock’s movie The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and on America’s Next Top Model.

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  • A real culture-shock for companies of any size.

  • The book that will spark radical transformation for your company.

The Ministry Of Common Sense

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