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You’re the owner of a major retail chain. No matter what innovative initiatives your management team comes up with, your market share keeps falling, your margins shrink, and the cost of acquiring new customers increases.

Perhaps worst of all, your most loyal customers seem to have fallen out of love with your brand. And, all this is taking place while your competition is making plans to attack your core areas of dominance. This describes the situation faced in 2012 by Lowes, a major U.S. retail chain, when they reached out to Martin Lindstrom and his team with one simple challenge: "Fix our brand."

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Whether it is McDonald's Corporation asking LINDSTROM company to reinvent the Happy Meal…

Pepsi asking Lindstrom to redefine the foundation of the brand in the U.S.…
Red Bull asking Lindstrom how to secure a stronger trade presence in Europe …
Carrefour asking Lindstrom to reinvent its shopping experience …
or Majid Al Futtaim, founder of Ski Dubai and the largest mall operator in the Middle East, asking Lindstrom to recreate its vision and brand identity … no matter the challenge, Lindstrom’s first step is always the same: To ask the consumer for advice.

Since the year 2000, Martin Lindstrom and his team have visited more than 1,000 consumers’ homes in 80 different countries, solving challenges for some of the world’s most successful brands. This unusual approach — combining behavioral psychology, collaborative strategic thinking, and ground-breaking creative innovation — has helped grow unknown brands to global dominance, helped brands avoid major crises, foreseen future opportunities years before they impact the market, and helped reinvent entire businesses in dire need of fresh thinking.

But there’s much more to this story. Powerful consumer insights, great thinking, and amazing creativity — as vital as they are — can’t do the job alone. More than ever the challenge is to be found in management’s willingness to think and behave differently.

Over the past ten years, LINDSTROM company has developed an approach which not only outlines a clear roadmap for a brand’s future, but simultaneously helps to secure buy-in from each and every stakeholder within the organization. Perhaps more than anything, this explains LINDSTROM company’s stellar track record in turning around retail chains, major FMCG players, and B2B and B2C brands.

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