Martin Consults

Reboot your brand in 48 hours.

Martin is a brand fixer. A change agent who helps with everything from Fortune 100 companies that are struggling, to brands that have lost their way, to brands that simply want to break into the Fortune 100 list.

Unconventional but revolutionary, Martin’s techniques mean that your company may spend days out in the field with the consumer. (And may even stay at their homes.) It could be that significant new insights are fast-tracked in a matter of days. Or that at 4am in the morning, your CFO comes up with the winning brand solution.

A revived brand in 48 hours? Is it possible? Absolutely! If you ask any of the Fortune 100 brands who have hired Martin over the years to re-energize their brands, the answer is a resounding yes.

The Lindstrom Brand Boot Camp is tough, revolutionary and rewarding. The premise is simple – no matter whether you own or run a global Fortune 100 brand, or just a local brand that the public once adored, but for some reason is now long forgotten - Martin can turn your brand around in 48 hours.

The Lindstrom Brand Boot Camp

Martin has proved that it’s possible to turn a brand around in 48 hours. Well, this isn’t the full story – but it isn’t far from it. His work doesn’t start in the office but in the field where he (almost always with his client by his side) discovers answers from the consumer that no-one has thought to ask. All this leads to his Lindstrom Brand Boot Camp.

48 hours that question everything and anything to do with your brand, with the aim to re-build it all, with a strategy that will secure a ticket to brand heaven.

Martin’s secret…

The corporate world has lost contact with reality. And reality, in Martin’s mind, is the consumer. As Martin says - he’s a Fan of the Consumer, as it’s the consumer who holds the truth about why your brand may be tanking, where new product innovation opportunities lies, or what is required to truly stand out in the brand universe.

Sleeping with the consumer

Martin’s research and consulting approach is just like the rest of his personal story: unusual. Few have spent as many years living, shopping, partying and dreaming with consumers, in as many different countries, across as many religions and cultures as Martin. Everything from discovering ground breaking coffee concepts in a tin-shed home of a Philippino family, to inventing the next generation of diapers for one of the world’s largest companies (while changing diapers with their moms in Brazil), to running (okay, let’s be honest here - Martin was cycling) with Ironman winners or Gold medal winners across the U.S. while exploring the next big thing to make us all exercise more.

The results

From turning around a struggling (former) leader of sodas whose market share went flat, to the world's favorite toy brand that suddenly lost its shine, to the car brand of the century - that unexpectedly took a wrong turn, Martin has proven that effectively redefining brands does not require years. Months will do. (And in some cases, even days.) In fact, Martin has worked in almost every category, in close to 80 different countries, securing the turnaround of global and multinational brands in a matter of months. Sounds like a too optimistic premise? Hear it from the clients.

Fan of the Consumer

Martin is a Fan of the Consumer – and has the unusual role of representing both consumers – and brands at his workshops. For Martin, a great brand needs to follow these 4 simple rules:

  • Have their ethics in order
  • Be transparent
  • Improve people’s lives - not destroy them
  • Under-promise and over-deliver