Martin Lindstrom the chairman of Lindstrom Company, is one of the world’s foremost branding and business transformation experts and author of 8 New York Times best-selling book translated into 47 languages and sold well over one million copies. Lindstrom is an acclaimed keynote speaker, and a frequent speaker at the World Business Forum, the World Economic Forum and almost every major industry conference worldwide for tech leaders such as CISCO, SAP, Gartner, Microsoft, Amazon, Google to conventional brands such as the 
Coca-Cola Company, LEGO, Kraft Heinz, Disney and IKEA. Lindstrom was selected as one of the world’s 100 most influential people by TIME and in 2019, Thinkers50 named him one of the top business thinkers in the world.

  • He was INCREDIBLE! I could listen to him for hours and enjoy every electrifying, mind blowing minute.

    Josephine Vaccaro President - Jenny Craig

  • He keeps the audience at the edge of the seat during the session with humour, relevance and theatrics! Thoroughly enjoyable few hours!

    Vineet Chhabra EVP COO - United Spirits

  • He has a lively, fun and slightly irreverent approach that keeps the interest going with his audiences.

    Mark Pierce Senior Design Manager - General Mills

  • I thought this was a thought-provoking, witty and highly relevant presentation brought to life by an excellent speaker.

    Tim Landucci Marketing Director - Cambridge Judge Business School

  • Martin Lindstrom was the best thing at The Art of Marketing. He totally saved the afternoon from the other speakers.

    Ross Slater Vice President - Reach
    Capabilities Inc

  • Best conference presenter ever! Martin has significant insight into the minds of advertising consumers.

    Amy Bryan Webmaster - CBS Outdoor

  • Martin is a genius. I say that because of lot of impressions and thoughts I have about Go Daddy were reflected in his presentation. He nailed it.

    Nick Fuller Director, Public Relations - Godaddy

  • Interaction with the audience was excellent - and very funny!

    John McMahon Head of UK Market Risk - Standard Chartered

  • The whole session was a highlight.

    Kathrin Abrecht Planner, Marketing Communication - Swatch AG

  • Martin is not just a consumer guru but also an expert entertainer! He keeps the audience at the edge of their seat during the session with humor, relevance and theatrics! Thoroughly enjoyable few hours!

    Vineet Chhabra EVP & COO - United Spirits

  • I could have listened for another three hours.

    Garnet Fitzsimmons Manager, ANZ Customer Success - Adobe

  • Martin is a dynamic speaker who brings home the reality of how people really think and what’s important to them.

    David Rigby Executive Sales Manager - Toshiba

  • Very engaging, great story teller, and some good examples of creating brand value.

    Jason Nomikos Market Manager - Daimler

  • Loved it all - the smash your brand was my ah ha moment.

    Stephanie Moll Sales Manager - Mac Cosmetics

  • An exceptional intellect and entertainer. Martin both inspired me & made me uncomfortable about the role of marketing.

    Estherina Daniel Marketing Manager - Hallmark

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