One of the 5 BEST books on marketing ever published

Source: Wall Street Journal


Lindstrom’s writing has had an enormous cultural impact not only on how today’s brands are built but also what impact brands have on everyone’s daily lives, like Martin’s 2011 discovery on how the iPhone impacts our lives. A discovery included in Al Gore’s eulogy addressing the world at Steve Jobs’ memorial service.

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  • “…brings together a great many strands of research to build a fascinating case. The writing is snappy.”

    -BBC Focus Magazine

  • “Lindstrom dishes up results, alongside a buffet of past research, with clear writing and deft reasoning.”

    -Fast Company

  • “ … has an encyclopedic knowledge of advertising history and an abundance of real-world business experience.”

    -The Washington Post

  • “Martin Lindstrom, the boy wonder of branding, tells that the future of shopping is all in the mind.”

    -The Sunday Times (UK)

  • “…has an original, inquisitive mind…His new book is a fascinating look at how consumers perceive logos, ads, commercials, brands, and products.”


  • “Lindstrom’s research should be of interest to any company launching a new product or brand.”

    -USA Today

  • “… a page turner.”


”Reveals the dichotomy between data and wisdom.”

Paco Underhill, Author