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Lindstrom’s 7 New York Times’ best selling books have had an enormous cultural impact not only on how today’s brands are built, but also what impact brands have on everyone’s daily lives. Like Martin’s 2011 discovery on how the iPhone impacts our lives, a discovery which would be included in Al Gore’s eulogy addressing the world at Steve Jobs’ memorial service.

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  • How to transform organisations
  • Cultural movement
  • Deep consumer insight
  • How to innovate in a commodity world

Small Data

“A modern-day Sherlock Holmes. An original and inquisitive mind, harnesses the power of “Small Data” in his quest to discover the next big thing.” Time Magazine

Hired by the world’s leading companies to find out what makes their customers tick, Martin Lindstrom spends 300 nights a year overseas observing people in their homes to uncover their hidden desires and ultimately a multi-million dollar product.


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  • Consumer psychology using neuroscience
  • How to establish cultural movements
  • How to establish a Company Purpose
Buyology - Martin Lindstrom Book


In Lindstrom’s ground-breaking $7 million neuromarketing study, he explores the truth and lies about why we buy. Lindstrom’s New York times and Wall Street Journal international best-selling book peers deep inside the brain (literally) using fMRI to discover the precise areas being ‘lit up’ in response to brand and advertising messages exploring…

  • Why did most people who took the ‘Pepsi challenge’ say they preferred Pepsi but then carried on buying Coca-Cola?
  • Why do the majority of anti-smoking campaigns inadvertently encourage people to smoke?
  • Why does the scent of melons help sell electronic products?

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  • How to build brands appealing to our senses
  • The future of brand building after ads
  • How to act local but be global
Brand Sense - Martin Lindstrom Book

Brand sense

Lindstrom delves deep beneath the surface to explore the human senses and how these are activated in the decision making process.The reliance on a 2-dimensional sensory advertising world becomes the catalyst to the question: why? We have 5 senses available, Lindstrom contends, why not use them all to make a brand truly touch its market. He explores this notion, and how marketers,armed with this knowledge, are able to push the purchase buttons – stronger than ever before. The WallStreet Journal calledBrandSense “…one of the 5 best marketing books ever published.”


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  • Privacy and the new rule books companies will neeed to use acting ethically correct
Brandwashed - Martin Lindstrom Book


Marketing visionary Martin Lindstrom has been on the front lines of the branding wars for over twenty years. Now, he turns the heat on his own industry, drawing on all he has witnessed behind closed doors, exposing for the first time the full extent of the psychological tricks and traps that companies devise to win our hard-earned dollars. Lindstrom goes even further by offering workable solutions to the very issues he exposes – defining the balancing act required between marketer and consumer in a way that could revolutionize future branding campaigns.


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  • Tomorrows consumer and how they behave
  • Predictions of tomorrows technologies
  • How companies cater for the next generations
Brand Child - Martin Lindstrom Book


Tweens (8-14 year-olds) are an increasingly powerful and smart consumer group, who last year alone spent and influenced an astounding US$1.88 trillion. Lindstrom reveals these – and other – significant findings in a massive research study that formed the basis of the bestseller: BRANDchild. The project, which spanned 15 countries, in more than 70 cities and involved more than 600 people, became one of the most extensive global research projects ever conducted on kids. Watch the Today Show series that took the BRANDchild project live to millions of viewers.


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  • Will they seek to change each other?
  • Will traditional retailing, for instance, need to change direction over the next few years?
Clicks-Bricks and Brands - Martin Lindstrom Book

Clicks, Bricks & Brands

The world’s most controversial marriage is currently taking place: the union between offline retailers and online e-tailers. Will they be able to honor and respect each other, for as long as they shall live? Will they seek to change each other?
Will traditional retailing, for instance, need to change direction over the next few years? And what role are e-tailers facing, with low earnings, weak distribution and limited customer support? With an intriguing mix of theory, case study and practical advice, Clicks, Bricks & Brands offer retailers and e-tailers a clear picture of how to make successful clicks and bricks marriages. The exclusive case studies show how leading e-tailers like and Yahoo! sparked relationships with off-line retailers and weathered the conversion to clicks-and-mortar business. Conversely, candid exposés contributed by Nokia and Tesco illustrate how these major retailers wooed online e-tailers and made the transition from exclusively offline operations to
clicks-and-mortar partnerships.


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  • How to build brands online
  • Ground-breaking examples of how brands build a powerful presence in the online space
  • Guidelines for what to do – and not to do
Brand Building - Martin Lindstrom Book

brand building on the internet

The mere presence of a corporate website on the Internet is no longer enough to survive in today’s competitive on-line environment. This volume analyzes a range of international companies to demonstrate how the Internet demands a strategic way of thinking. How to use interactive marketing as an essential adjunct to your traditional strategies. How to integrate your core offerings through all mediums. Branding on the Internet features reviews of over 70 international Web sites and 40 case studies on companies such as Pepsi, LEGO, Yellow Pages, M&Ms, FedEX, Kodak, Volkswagen, and Visa.

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