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THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS HAS CHANGED. Profound statement, right? But think about it. Years ago we bought in to this concept-thing called “brands.” It let us co- own a sticky, lovey connection with our customers. Then, we invested in state-of-the-art tech systems designed to automate daily drudgery and untangle complexities…so our people could spend their time really using their brains. This we called efficiency. Then, we instituted a proliferation of KPIs to quantify absolutely everything we do. It was all supposed to work smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. Except, somewhere along the way we lost the plot.

Brands got locked into departments. Systems started dictating how we spend our time and energy. Swamped with the minutiae of maintaining the system, our people became ever more challenged to use what little additional time we could spare them to “innovate” across a variety of ever-hot topics. All the time conflicting KPIs duke it out across departments, undermining – and destabilizing – cross-departmental problem solving.

Is it any wonder we are now witness to plummeting customer satisfaction, employees suffering from perpetual change fatigue (and flagging morale), and formerly top-of-the-S&P companies simply vanishing into thin air. Sound vaguely familiar?
It’s time to regroup. Rethink. Repurpose.



We challenge established thinking and drive transformation through culture. Seen through the lens of the consumer, we identify, create, and implement a true point of differentiation.

BUSINESS & Culture Transformation

A brand is every touch point the client comes in contact with over the entire span of a company’s existence. Our foundational belief is that the ideal customer journey is represented by three interlinked components; the consumer – guided by the business – and lived by the company culture. In symbiosis the perfect customer journey has been established – placing 
the customer at the heart of everything.


In the heart of every successful business transformation is innovation. However innovation is more than a great concept – it is the fine balance of preserving an idea while turning it into reality. Metaphorically speaking we see a powerful concept as a rectangle representing four sharp corners – the sharper each corner is the stronger concept. Far too often bureaucracy takes it toll on the corners, rounding these as the concept is implemented – far too often resulting in a compromised idea – dead even before it is born.

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