Neuroscience meets Marketing

...this is your Buyology.

Buyology is the biggest branding revolution in 50 years. The world's largest NeuroMarketing experiment scanning 2,000 consumers across 5 countries. The findings from the $7 million study is likely to solve the problem of decreasing returns on ever-increasing advertising expenditure. It will turn every concept you've learned about branding and advertising inside out and upside down.

A poll of 12,437 people in 56 countries, conducted by research institute, Millward Brown, showed that an astounding 76% of brand consultant Lindstrom's audience members rate his on-stage performance as excellent. 21% rate it as very good. And 3% hail it as good.

Buyology is fiery, provocative and even shocking. Anyone who wants a competitive edge can't afford to miss this mindboggling presentation which both exists as a keynote, a half day or a full day Buyology Symposium.

Buyology breaks new ground. Marketing expert Lindstrom discusses the future of product placement, sponsorships, viral marketing, subliminal advertising, religious branding and Sensory Branding – topics explored via his Buyology study.

Lindstrom's NeuroMarketing expertise and insights into Branding 2.0 is incomparable. His mind-blowing presentation offers any executive with plans for how to prepare advertising strategies which takes into account how communicate in a world where an average consumer is exposed for more than 2 million TV commercials throughout life – or 3,000 brands per day!

    Buyology will help you to:

  • Understand what the world of science discovered when suddenly drawing parallels between religion and brands.
  • Understand what the next generation of product placement and sponsorship will look like – according to the world of science.
  • Learn about the do's and don'ts of building future proof brands
  • Explore the new tools enabling to create brands which stands out in a over communicated world.
  • Develop highly cost efficient advertising strategy which based on scientific insights creates lifelong brand relationships
  • Adapt hands-on brand-building tools, which will equip you to deal with some of the major challenges the marketing and advertising community is facing right now.

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Lindstrom's speech is designed to empower top executives, marketing, sales and business people of all kinds with a revolutionary insight into our brain and mind. A hugely entertaining keynote speaker who inspires and excites his audience, branding guru Lindstrom's presentations are like no others'.