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  • Great

    Garish Malhotra

    Intertek India Pvt Ltd


  • Unfortunately I hadn't chance to see Martin live on stage as due to Covid the whole MasterClass was done online. I was impressed how well it was handled and Martin did it in such a great an inspiring, passionate way that I forgot that we have kilometers between us. Kudos and thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us!

    Helena Markovic Tokic

    Internal Comms


  • I like his high level of professionalism, knowledge combine with openness, honesty, humbleness and willingness to overdeliver.

    Oana Nastase Bleckenwegner

    Finactiv Invest


  • A real expert.

    Valentino Sauciur Belsito



  • Martin Lindstrom is full of info, so many cool story, and so may valuable insights that one day seminar is just not enough :)

    valentina ciobanu

    Life Care


  • Great workshop that transcended the virtual space!

    Nadina Gosa



  • Martin Lindstrom through the years has definitely become one of marketing’s Mavens of the world. Admiration and respect!

    Andrei Buruiana



  • Martin is simply inspirational! He gives me energy to go to work tomorrow and start changing many things....

    Giacomo Volpi

    UniCredit Bulbank


  • The best masterclass I’ve attended so far

    Bogdan Buta



  • A lot of insights and learnings from Martin's masterclass.

    Danail Rusev



  • I am very satisfied with the webinar, and it was so valuable to me. I love that we had real examples for each topic.

    Hana Sirco

    H Fashion Design


  • Martin is a natural when presenting. He's one of the very few who match presentation skills with actuall important info. Amazing!




  • love the presentation and the way to share all info

    Tomescu Dorel Adrian

    Normark Sport Romania


  • Martin shows how an ideal marketing person/strategist should be. It's quite clear from the get-go that there are very few such people worldwide, but that only makes Martin even more aspirational.

    Alina Enache

    BIC Global


  • Watching Martin's webinar felt like an injection of smartness into my brain. The easy and clear explanations and the honest way of supporting them with real-life experiences makes me want to move from idea to action in the shortest time possible.

    Ion Ionita



  • He is simply amazing. Such a kind, honest, innovative speaker. I loved him for his professional approach to everything, while still adapting on point according to our questions.

    Andreea Orindaru

    The Bucharest University of Economic Studies


  • excellent

    Branka Jurisic

    Voulez-Vous Etage


  • In a world of sales and financial goal, Matin Lindstrom reminds us of that being human is what counts more!

    Lorena Bulumac



  • Martin = encyclopedia of brands

    Alexandra Buga



  • I see Martin for the first time. Online is a stage too.. Maybe a much difficult one than the one's with personal contacts. There was a lot of energy involved, during a quite long session. Martin have the real "catch" to keep audience vivid. Congratulations!


    Vlad Ruta Advertising


  • Great event, very powerful presentation. I found extremely interesting information and useful for me. Super inspiering and motivating for me.

    Iuliana Rusei

    Uniqa Asigurari S.A.


  • The presentation was excellent and filled with great information. Even though it was online and 6 hours long, it was one of the best online experience I've had till now (this doesn't mean that I would exchange that for the face to face experience:) ). He managed to keep me in front of my computer for the whole time. I even had my lunch on my desk :)). His positive energy and knowledge are unique!

    Teodora Dobos

    Henkel Romania SRL


  • very creative and passionate about marketing, Martin takes you to another level, making us more creative and passionate about marketing, as well.

    mirela delegeanu



  • It was a real pleasure to spend 6 hours and more listening to Martin. Great information, excellent examples, very good vibe. Thank you.




  • Martin Lindstrom is a top world thinker and every encounter with him sparks numerous "Aha!" moments. His ability to understand customer behavior, to innovate, to connect and tell stories seem to be out of this world. He is remarkable! And yet so human, so generous and kind. In each brand that values customer experience, I recognize the influence of his outstanding work. I am forever grateful to my university branding professor who assigned us Brand Sense and Buyology.

    Elena Vasiliu

    ADV Romania


  • Creative and transformational speech, delivered with clarity and lots of information.

    Cristina Cepraga

    Enel Romania


  • Martin's presentation was an injection of smartness in my head as it both brought up new ideas and validated some of my intuitively reached conclusions. I can feel that his approach is right and, after seeing him present today, it makes me want to start solving problems right away. I love that he explains things in an easy and clear manner because this is the way to kickstart the action.

    Ion Ionita



  • He is a very authentic marketeer with deep marketing knowledge. He goes deep into data and succeeds taking out that small insight which has the power and potential to help a business differentiate.

    Maratu Giuvelea Iuliana

    E.ON Romania


  • Martin's performance is not that much about a happy ending story being beautifully told, as it's about you being taken by him on a beautiful journey aiming for the happy end.

    Andriy Gulakov

    R&N Services Ltd.


  • -

    Raul Chirulescu

    Raiffeisen Bank


  • Martin's workshop was simply A-waitforit-MAZING. I love that the examples he is giving are real-life examples that based on actual data. I recommend the participiation in his workshops to anybody who wants his brand to grow.

    Stanislaw Fiedor

    Fuero Games Sp. z o.o.


  • Martin Lindstrom is a cocktail of everything I can possibly wish for in a Speaker colleague: authentic, passionate, engaging, energetic, professional, informed, creative, innovative, empathetic, motivating, challenging, experienced and lively! Thank you Martin, for this amazing experience!

    Vivienne Duebbert



  • I was amazed with book Small data and now this Masterclass online performance was as a cherry on the top. I hope there will be a chance to listen him live someday, and to meet him in person. Great professionalism, quality content and valuable information with boost of energy is something I got from Martin Lindstrom. Many thanks for such inspirational day!

    Ivana Kaljevic

    Give Solutions


  • Even though this was an on-line event I would say that Martin is incredible speaker with tons of practical examples. Every theoretical concept is presented on real life example which enables the listener to grasp the concepts and processes with ease. Definitely a time well invested.


    CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz


  • Martin is one authentic professional human being. His presentation at Brand Minds 2020 and the interaction with the audience was amazing. We picked his brain a lot and there's so much more he can share with the world.

    Alex Ecobici



  • Excellent!




  • I had the pleasure to see Martin performing on the online-stage. Even with some streaming difficulties he mastered the day wonderful, kept the audience alive and giving us a meaningful day as time flew away, without feeling the 6 hours of the Marketing Masterclass. Thank you Martin for the state of the art storytelling and great food for thoughts.

    Irenne Wagner

    BSH Electrocasnice srl


  • Martin is a great mind and a very inspirational person. I hope that more and more professionals will read his books in order to have precious insights. He really is a vision changer.

    Angelica Ionescu

    Clinica The Mind


  • You can,t leave a Martin masterclass other but transformed. Both as a professional and as a human. You already felt and lived by the thought those two areas are one and the same, but Martin comes in to reassure you it is right, from his wise, human, courageous, playful and kind heart perspective. He is a generous teacher, extremely pertinent, clear and straight forward in delivering information, overly professional and he actually over delivers. Very patient and truly supportive with our questions and debate themes, authentic and no fake at all. He makes you believe in a basic truth: Common sense and good will, together with study and intelligence can solve almost any quest. Learning from him is transformational as he seems to be an enlightened personality, both mature & candid soul. A true human you want to connect with. Thank you, Martin. I am sure I will have the opportunity to hear you once again, at list. Love and respect from Romania.

    romanescu anca



  • As I've just learnt from him, I will only use one single word: BRILLIANT !




  • An inspiring presentation, with a lot of information to be learned.

    Madalina Spanu

    Electrica Furnizare


  • It is clearly difficult to perform trough the screen but he delivered very well the content.

    Adrian Albota



  • Despite the online format, I think you managed to keep us engaged with the content, presentation skills, involving the participants. One of the most interesting part was providing advise to the people and guidance to the real life brands and business.

    Manuela Son



  • Thank you Martin for sharing your wisdom so freely with us. Loved all the examples but above all your enthusiasm came loud and clear over the internet. The experience was very personal, as specially since you kept looking into the camera. You my friend OVERDELIVERED ;-)

    Zulayka Martis

    Zulayka Events & Marketing = Z-E-M


  • Martin's way of delivering content is through relevant stories and amazing competence and common sense. He is one of the few characters we can nowadays look up to in business and refer to as a role model!

    Raluca Safta

    Camad Flavors


  • Martin has created a powerful personal brand, I find value in his energy , knowledge, emotional intelligence and most of all of the way he puts his own advice to work. There are few people I know that can walk the talk, some can talk, some can execute. Martin proves he can do both.

    Oana Oros



  • I'd liked the most the real examples and behind the scenes stories which gave us the feeling we are not the only one struggling to keep the brand alive.

    Maria Dimitrova



  • It was a pleasure to take part at this masterclass. I find very useful the number of examples for every case study presented.

    Eliza Cretu

    Lidl Discount


  • Martin Lindstrom's presentation was an empowering journey inspiring through its depth of insight, vision, wisdom, humanity. The time flew by. Thank you!

    Andreea Plesea

    Andreea Plesea


  • Thank you Martin for this amazing presentation and sharing your knowledge with us. I get millions of "aha moment" during this workshops!

    Tamara Kasim

    Abakus Windows Inc.


  • Martin is amazing, I like the way he gives the different point of view with a lot of examples and push you to think and change your mind.

    Daniela Tzanova

    D2LINE Ltd


  • You made my day!

    Rodica Rosca



  • I believe he is doing a great job when it comes adaption along the performance. Even though, he was thought a certain agenda with concrete topics, he could easily adapt himself based on the audience demands. By easily adapting and taking as many thoughts and important and desire topics from the audience, it is very relevant and important to convey and persuade as many as possible in their endeavor to become better.

    Sebastian Botis



  • Authentic, reality focused but innovative in the same time. Martin's stories and presentatiions bring you back from your daily board presentation to the most important business asset: your customer.

    Ciprian Bercea

    Automobile Bavaria


  • Fantastic 5 hours presentation from Martin Lindstrom! So good I could have stayed for another couple of hours :-) Great content, great speaker, great quality of filming

    Enrique Nalda



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