Clicks, Bricks & Brands

The world’s most controversial marriage is currently taking place: the union between offline retailers and online e-tailers. Will they be able to honor and respect each other, for as long as they shall live? Will they seek to change each other?
Will traditional retailing, for instance, need to change direction over the next few years? And what role are e-tailers facing, with low earnings, weak distribution and limited customer support? With an intriguing mix of theory, case study and practical advice, Clicks, Bricks & Brands offer retailers and e-tailers a clear picture of how to make successful clicks and bricks marriages. The exclusive case studies show how leading e-tailers like and Yahoo! sparked relationships with off-line retailers and weathered the conversion to clicks-and-mortar business. Conversely, candid exposés contributed by Nokia and Tesco illustrate how these major retailers wooed online e-tailers and made the transition from exclusively offline operations to
clicks-and-mortar partnerships.


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