Play your Role by Cameron Smee

It’s a sight to see,
not a soul in the street,
you walk through a town,
neither smile nor a frown,
they call it a flu,
its not something new,
so why over react,
if we know how to act.
Uncertainty will lead,
us all to believe,
that we know best,
above all the rest,
the world is just noise,
kids throwing their toys,
but the truth is we’re scared,
and it’s not always fair.
There are two ways to be,
in times like these,
to not give a damn,
could be a plan,
roll the dice,
ignore all advice,
crack on with life,
forget all the strife.
On the flip side of this,
won’t be such bliss,
being in one place,
not leaving a trace,
washing your hands,
cancelling your plans,
no trying to be cool,
and following the rules.

Isn’t it boring,
all this conforming,
it sounds like a task,
but let me just ask,
is it worth the risk,
to give rules a miss,
when it could be a life,
of a husband or wife.
They say it moves fast,
that its easy to pass,
it does not choose,
who you could lose,
family or a friend,
or where it will end,
so why take the chance,
to do what you can’t.
Play your role,
hear what you’re told,
it will make us strong,
and it won’t be for long,
remember this verse,
and think of a nurse,
Its not just a flu,
its more than just you,
so keep to your own,
please stay at home.

By Cameron Smee.


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