Awarded by Fast Company as one of the world’s top speakers on Business Transformation and Branding – Martin Lindstrom’s keynotes are in a league on their own. Through provoking – yet practical while highly entertaining, packed with cases, captivating videos, sounds and to -the – points visuals. Below is a selection of Lindstrom’s most sought after speeches. Lindstrom does offer custom topics – click “Let’s talk” and share your thoughts with us.


CULTURE: Leadership, Innovation, and the Surprising Truth of Human Motivation
TRANSFORMATION: The Disruptor’s Agenda - Unleashing the Innovators
CUSTOMER JOURNEY: Creating a Next-Gen Customer Journey Experience
RETAIL: Until Amazon creates a drone that can cut your hair, there’s a real reason to visit the barbershop
HYPERGROWTH: How to Keep Your Company in
Start-up Mode
BIG DATA: And Why the Next BIG Thing Will Be All About Small Data
FUTURE: Wired and Dangerous - How Your Customers Have Changed and What to Do About It
BEHAVIOURAL PSYCHOLOGY: Scientific Secrets and Opportunities for Innovation and Corporate Makeover
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