Your Inner Age is Real… And Marketers Target It All The Time

The last time someone asked how old you were, which age did you give them? Yes, you read that correctly, we all have multiple ages. The first is our actual physical, chronological age. Then there’s our inner age, the age we feel emotionally. I call this “emotional age” our Twin Self. And if you’re working on building a successful brand, considering your audience’s Twin Self is a huge part of reaching them. In fact, this is one of the keen insights I had while working with iRobot the manufacturers of the Roomba vacuum cleaner.

These inner ages can be quite surprising, too, because they can defy stereotypes. For instance, I may be a globe-trotting, travel-hardened brand consultant, but I’m a kid on the inside! Everywhere I go it’s the little things that really entertain me.

If you don’t know much about your twin self, it’s past time to learn. I took to Thrive Global to discuss what your twin self is, how to tell your inner age, and why it’s so important to marketing. I can say unequivocally that it has been quite a help in my brand and strategy consulting cases, while also adding a number of great keynote stories. Ready to learn more?

Head on over to my newest story on Thrive Global.


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