Posted on November 14, 2017 | By Martin Lindstrom

The Secret Addiction Hidden inside the New iPhone X

Soon those who can afford to set aside US$999 for a phone will turn into anamoji addicts. Apple’s latest invention enables you to tap into the wonders of the facial coding camera to convert your own facial expressions into a live emoji which can exactly mirror your mood at that moment.

It is a neat and highly trendy feature – which may come across as a simple fad – yet nothing could be further from the truth because it taps into human nature.

As I write in my latest book Small Datayears ago a group of scientists decided to investigate the phenomenon of ‘enclothed cognition’: the idea that when we dress up our personalities change.

The scientists asked a group of volunteers to wear a white lab coat and were given one that had been labeled “doctor”, “dentist”, or nothing. The research measured the respondents’ behavior before and after.

What did they find? Read on in my recent LinkedIn Post.

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