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21 Jun. 22 - 12:00 EST Why we fail thinking about the future (as we’re too busy fixing s… of yesterday) Jamil Zaki & Peter Hinssen Book
12 Jul. 22 - 12:00 EST 87% says their creativity has disappeared. Here’s how to get it back. Aicha Evans & Yves Morieux Book
09 Aug. 22 - 12:00 EST TBC Jim Kalbach & TBC Book
30 Aug. 22 - 12:00 EST How to cut through Bureaucracy and BS! Dr Jim Kim & TBC Book
13 Sep. 22 - 12:00 EST Why we all should learn from the world of sports when running our businesses Sarah Hirshland & Curtis Martin Book
04 Oct. 22 - 12:00 EST Transformation: What does it take to turnaround an old-dusty-conglomerate in a dot-com-era? Gary Hamel & Roger Martin Book
18 Oct. 22 - 12:00 EST 5 ways to lead in an era of constant change Jim Hemerling & TBC Book
01 Nov. 22 - 12:00 EST How Netflix and Best Buy created one of the worlds most powerful company cultures Erin Meyer & Hubert Joly Book

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07 Jun. 22

Social intelligence in a post Corona world.

Episode 23

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